English for Workplace, Civics, and Academic Readiness is a combined picture dictionary and workbook that develops students’ vocabulary to meet the new integrated English literacy and civics curriculum goals of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  It contains all multilevel workplace, civics, and academic content in the Word by Word vocabulary development program, including communicative picture dictionary lessons, skill-building exercises, new standards-based activities, and a complete audio program.  

This easy-to-use text for beginning through low-intermediate learners can serve as a supplement to any English series, as a stand-alone course, or as a work-text for independent study at home, in a lab setting, or in distance learning.

Side by Side

Outstanding Features:

  • Vibrant illustrations and an active conversational approach make vocabulary learning come alive.
  • Standards-based activities develop essential skills for success at work, in civic life, and in continuing education, including research tasks, surveys, charts and graphs, reading comprehension, and writing.
  • Multilevel activities meet the needs of beginning and high-beginning/intermediate learners.
  • Critical thinking and personalization questions promote problem-solving and sharing.
  • Community tasks connect the classroom to civic life.
  • Teamwork activities develop students’ language abilities for working cooperatively in school and work settings.
  • A comprehensive audio program and answer key allow students to use the text independently at their own pace.


English for Workplace, Civics, and Academic Readiness Workbook