Bill Bliss

True or False?

Can your students answer these true-or-false statements? Have them correct the false sentences and rewrite them as true facts.

1. We celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 15.

2. Two common colors of Valentine’s Day cards are green and blue.

3. Post offices and banks are closed on Valentine’s Day because it’s a national holiday.

4. A heart is a common symbol of Valentine’s Day.

5. A popular gift to give someone on Valentine’s Day is a long-stemmed carrot.

6. Another popular gift to give someone on Valentine’s Day is a box of candles.

7. Presidents’ Day is a U.S. holiday in February that occurs before Valentine’s Day.

8. Cupid is a fictional character we associate with love and Valentine’s Day.

9. Many people like to go to a restaurant for breakfast in the evening on Valentine’s Day.

Idioms Fun

And here’s a remix of last year’s popular idioms challenge based on lessons in the Word by Word Picture Dictionary:

Valentine's Day greeting cards offer some of the most unusual ways to say “I love you” through idioms. Can your students find the correct words to complete these expressions of love?

Love and Fruits

Word Bank: Word by Word Picture Dictionary page 48

1. You’re a real _______!

2. I’m _______ about you!

3. You’re the _______ of my eye!

Love and the Body

Word Bank: Word by Word Picture Dictionary pages 86–87

4. My _______ belongs to you.

5. I’ve got you under my _______. (Hint: old song lyric)

6. I have _______s for nobody but you.

7. I’m _______ over _______s in love with you!

8. Some day I want to ask for your _______ in marriage!


(Want a worksheet version of this activity and an answer key? Email and type “Valentine Worksheet” in the subject line.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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