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Crowd-Sourcing Superstitions and the Grammar of Four Leaf Clovers

The three leaf shamrock might be a symbol of St. Patrick's Day, but it's the four leaf clover that will bring you good luck if you're fortunate to find one and make a wish on it.


"Life Skills and Standards and Tests, Oh My!"

No yellow brick road leads to your classroom solution, but teachers can find help at the end of each unit in Side by Side Plus.
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The Grammar of Four Leaf Clovers and Superstitions

Stimulate some fun cross-cultural sharing in your classroom while practicing the grammar of conditionals.  Read on…

Work World

I've Been Working on My Job Skills, All the Live‐Long Day

Help prepare your students with the English skills they need to succeed in the workforce. Read on…  Read on…


Word by Word's Music Man - Peter Bliss

Get to know Peter Bliss, the "man behind the music", of Word by Word and Word by Word Basic.
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It's About Time: Lessons for a Leap Year

Have you ever wondered what the calendar and time-keeping would be like without February's quadrennial bonus day? How about the origins of February 29?  Read on…

Civics & Citizenship Corner

Tax Tips

Filling out tax forms always seems to occupy too much time – and often it's our evening time in April that we mightotherwise be devoting to lesson preparation, correcting student homework, or other professional work. So in the spirit of helping you get through tax season, here are some tips to ease your lesson planning on those days you're slogging through your 1040 form. Read on


"You had me at hello": Citizenship lessons from Jerry Maguire and Voices of Freedom

Help your citizenship students succeed in their interviews "from the first hello."  Read on…

Virtual Field Trips for Civics and Citizenship with Voices of Freedom

With the help of the Internet send students on field trips so that their introduction to U.S. civics, history, and government is as experiential and stimulating as possible.  Read on…

Becoming a Citizen on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

In recent years it has become a January tradition for special naturalization ceremonies to occur in conjunction with this national holiday.  Read on…