Communicator is a complete two-level course in functional communication for intermediate-level learners of English. The program provides dynamic, communicative practice that involves students in lively interactions based on the content of real-life contexts and situations. Its innovative "tri-dimensional" curriculum integrates functions of English, grammar, and content in a comprehensive all-skills program.

Communicator is an ideal stand-alone conversation-based course for intermediate-level learners. It is also a perfect follow-up to both Side and Side and ExpressWays and has been designed to serve as "Books 5 and 6" of either series. It builds upon the grammar curriculum of both programs while enriching students' functional language abilities as true communicators of English.


  • Guided Conversations offer students meaningful and lively communication practice.
  • Check-Up exercises provide reinforcement of functions and grammar, along with intensive listening comprehension practice.
  • Interchange, InterAct, InterView, and InterCultural Connections activities enable students to relate lesson content to their own lives, participate in role-playing and cooperative learning activities, and discuss cross-cultural issues.
  • Reading Passages and In Your Own Words activities provide students with reading and writing experiences based on themes presented in each chapter.
Communicator 1 Communicator 2


  • Audios include all model conversations, listening exercises, and readings.
  • Teacher’s Guide offer step-by-step teaching strategies, background notes on culture and language usage, and a wealth of expansion activities.
  • Test Packages provide chapter tests, a mid-book test, and a final test for each level of the program, along with a Student Progress Evaluation Form.
  • A Fast-Score Testing Program consists of individual chapter tests, mid-book tests, and final tests for Communicator I and II. These tests are an alternative version of the Communicator Test Packages and have been designed for programs with machine-scoring capabilities. In addition to more traditional multiple-choice test items, these tests also include an optional Writing Section for assessment of students' writing ability.

Book 1

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Book 2

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Book 1 and 2

Fast-Score Test Package 1 & 2